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How to Highlight Your Skin With Lipstick

chroming-dark-skinYes, we also can’t keep up with the ever-changing makeup tricks of today. If you’re late to the party (like the rest of us), strobing is dead and chroming is what

What Exactly Is ‘Chroming’?

It’s a lot like strobing – creating intense highlights on the high planes of your face. However, the tool that you use to create these strobes is what makes this new technique a little ‘unusual’.

What It Entails

Basically, once you’ve completed your morning or evening facebeat, smear some shimmery gold or champagne lipstick over your features. Soften the shimmer out with your fingertips for a dewy and glimmering glow.

A Few Lipsticks You Can Try At Home

MAC Star Trek Collection Lipstick

his lipstick is part of MAC’s limited edition Star Trek range, which is rumoured to hit stands globally this September. Luckily, our beauty team got to test out a sample of the shade – in addition to being the perfect champagne lip tint, it also makes an incredible skin highlighter.


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