What’s The Best Wedding Theme for Your Star Sign? Jan21


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What’s The Best Wedding Theme for Your Star Sign?

Wedding planning is hard—but picking a theme makes it that much easier (now you have a framework for what type of table settings/bridesmaid dresses/venue to choose!). Read on to find the perfect theme, based on your astrological sign.


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Aries: Adventure Time

Your adventurous spirit is ideal for a destination wedding. Head somewhere crazy exotic—and do a travel theme. Think: globes as centrepieces, map-style invites… the works. And don’t let all the globe-trotting stop with the wedding—you’ll be happiest with a to die for honeymoon. Maldives, anyone?


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Taurus: Vintage Charm

With your love of beautiful, one-of-a-kind things, your perfect wedding is vintage-themed. Decorate the tables with heirloom glasses and silverware, pick out a lacy vintage gown, and set up tableaus of beautiful old family photos. Then, revel in how you it all feels.


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Gemini: Midcentury Modern

A chic intellectual like you needs a midcentury modern wedding. Head to a design hotspot, and have your bridal party go full-on Mad Men. If you pick a midcentury venue, you won’t have to spend much on decor, and you’ll love how one-of-a-kind all the pics feel.


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Cancer: Classic Romance

You’re a hardcore traditionalist, so you need a classic, romantic celebration. You’ll rock a simple white gown, the venue will have alllll the flowers—and you’ll abide by every single one of the classic rules (no seeing the groom before you make it to the altar, and a flower/garter toss is happening, no questions asked). Hey, it’s your day!


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Leo: Gatsby Glam

You live for the spotlight, so a Leo-in-Gatsby-style wedding is perfect for you. This is your time to turn it up—jazz band, unlimited champagne… And go ahead, enforce the black tie.


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Virgo: Minimalist Chic

Showcase your mind-blowingly meticulous taste with a minimalist wedding. All-white everything—your guests, the flowers, the furniture. It worked for Diddy, and it will work for you. The look is chic AF. (Plus, you get to stress less about how shy you get when you remember that your white dress will blend in, at least a little bit, with everyone else’s.)


Libra: Garden Party

Save lots of R—but still pump up the romance factor—by doing a daytime garden wedding. Serve tea (and booze, obvs), have friends read poems, and smile as you think of how lovely it will all look on Insta.


Scorpio: Real-Life Fairy-Tale

Do the fairy-tale princess thing. Take your prince (or princess!), rent out the chateau, and go big. You’ve dreamed of this for years, and Scorpios do whatever the hell they want, so just go for it. This wedding will be magical, lavish, and borderline dreamlike.


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