Second-Hand shopping spots in Cape Town you need to visit

If you’re looking for somewhere to spend your hard-earned bucks (and find something that no-one else will be wearing), then keep scrolling down because we’re spilling the beans on a few hidden gems you need to hit if you’re in Cape Town. #ImGonnaPopSomeTags!

Here are six top-notch second-hand/thrift stores in the Mother City that you have to visit:

Second Time Around

Think: A mixture between ‘granny-chic’ vs cool – second-hand magic!

Where: 196 Long Street
Contact: 021 423 1674


Think: Anything goes – an assortment of vintage, retro and local pieces.

Where: 41 Church Street
Contact: 021 424 4457

Afraid Of Mice

Think: One-of-a-kind vintage and second-hand pieces – clothing you wish your mother had kept for you.

Where: 86 Corner of Longmarket Street and Long Street
Contact: 021 423 7353

2nd Take

Think: Swanky second-hand designer pieces. #Labels

Where: 53 Regent Road, Sea Point
Contact: 021 434 5878

Stock Exchange

Think: Imported second-hand clothing.

Where: 201 Bree Street
Contact: 021 422 4911

Never New

Think: A little something for everyone at any age – you’ll not leave empty-handed.

Where: 15 Lower Main Road, Observatory
Contact: 079 845 6926

Happy thrift shopping, babies!