Gemstones: the New Magic Skincare Ingredient? Jun01


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Gemstones: the New Magic Skincare Ingredient?

Our skincare products are filled with all sorts of substances, both chemical and natural, and often a brand will opt to focus on one ingredient, claiming that it has the power to change the condition of your skin and make your complexion perfect. For some lucky folks, this might be true, but some of us are still on the hunt for that magic line of cosmetics to convert us. And ‘magic’ might be the operative word when it comes to this new range of skincare products released abroad that contains the beautifying properties of gemstones.

For years, many people have been touting the healing powers that crystals and gemstones contain – because they have high vibration levels and are thought to give off good energy. According to devotees, gemstones and minerals vibrate at a higher frequency, which helps the product to penetrate the skin more effectively and help with microcirculation. Gold and silver also supposedly contain antibacterial properties, so apparently those gold facials were more than just a golden Instagram opportunity (see what we did there?). Pearl is also known to brighten the skin and make it more radiant, so perhaps the next logical step was to see if there was a way to harness the power of the crystals and gemstones and turn them into products we can use on our bodies.

While there is currently only one brand that is known to make this kind of skincare, and it is only available overseas, we can’t sample it just yet, but our crystal ball tells us that this trend might take off in a big way.