Shocking breakup! Barthe Cortes Wants To Divorce Maya Van Den Berg!

Shocking breakup! Barthe Cortes and Maya van den Berg  divorce! This week, Barthe Cortes (aka”BC”) filed in for divorce!. BC’s supposedly had enough of Maya’s toxic jealousy. As per an anonymous source, Maya is jealous about every woman in Barthe’ vicinity. She’s throwing tantrums and wants to control him all the time. She’s even been checking the CCTV footage!


The informer who wants to remain anonymous said: “BC is tired of the relationship and wants out ASAP.”

The first speculations about Maya’s unhealthy jealousy surfaced early into their marriage. Still, it seemed like things were working out. That said, the information about their divorce is the most unexpected news so far this year!


Just as a reminder, the couple had their first baby some 6 months ago


Well, this may be the hottest divorce of the year!

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