Thunder From Netflix’s ‘Black Lightning’ Series is Our Fave Lesbian Superhero Jan26


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Thunder From Netflix’s ‘Black Lightning’ Series is Our Fave Lesbian Superhero

Finally – a superhero series where a black woman gets to save the day. The new Netflix exclusive series follows Jefferson Pierce aka Black Lightning, a meta-human who comes out of retirement to fight the notorious 100 gang.

Who we’re really tuning in to see, though, is Pierce’s eldest daughter Anissa. Anissa discovers her superpowers and becomes Thunder, entering the world of vigilantism with her father.

Thunder is pulling through the #blackgirlmagic representation as a med student, part-time teacher, activist and proudly out lesbian.

t’s not every day that queer identities get to be stars celebrated in their own superhero stories. Even less, we don’t get to see strong, intelligent, compelling black lesbian characters in the comic-book universe.

On the importance of representation in the series, actress Nafeesa Williams, who plays Thunder, told Teen Vogue, ‘We all have different stories that we’re telling, but … I didn’t have this coming up as a black little girl.’



‘I didn’t see myself as a superhero. So I’m really excited for, say, Halloween or just the representation, just to tune in on the TV every week, that [black kids] can say, “Wow, there’s a superhero who looks like me, who I could be probably, who actually looks like me, who actually is going through the same issues that I’m going through in my everyday life.’

If you haven’t started tuning in already, it’s time for some Netflix and Chill.